Success Story

Baldor Foods - Boston

Busy distribution and supplier facilities rely on their industrial refrigeration systems more than just about anyone. And their operational needs are vast - temperature tracking, temperature alarms, M&V data, food safety, and more. With NRM's help, Baldor Foods - Boston drastically improved their relationship with their refrigeration.

What They Needed:

Baldor Boston, a leading produce distribution company in the area, was in the market for one, simple solution that could remedy their multiple operational issues. While many of the systems on the corporate office side of their business had been streamlined to better rely on data and cloud-based tools, their actual facility was falling woefully behind.

Their refrigerated spaces were wasting energy through redudancies, they experienced fluctuations in space temperatures without being able to pinpoint the causes, and the facility had already absorbed the cost of losing a compressor once before.

It was most important to them that whichever solution they went with, user-friendliness and accessibility were two of its main offerings. On top of that, the solution needed to aid Baldor staff in their dedication to top food safety practices, improving temperature tracking and regulatory adherance. If troubleshooting could be enhanced, all the better.

Solution Snapshot


    Distribution & Supplier


    Boston, MA

Cold Rooms: 8

    1 Walk-in Freezer

    3 Walk-in Coolers

    3 Loading Docks

    1 Tomato Room

Implemented Measures:

    Remote Site Manager (cloud-based monitoring platform)

    CoolTrol (on-site smart controls)

    High-Efficiency Motor Upgrades

Utility Incentive:

    70% of Total Project Cost

Annual Energy Savings:

    122,300 kWh

Annual Dollars Savings:


“The monitoring features have been a life saver. One of our compressors suffered a blown fuse, which eventually could have compromised even more of our components, and it would have gone undetected prior to NRM’s intervention because our space temperatures read normal and you obviously can’t hear or easily see a blown fuse. But it was quickly detected, I was alerted, I contacted our technician, and he was able to diagnose the exact problem and fix it on the first visit.”

What NRM Provided:

Starting with an on-site assessment of their current energy consumption, equipment health, component functionality, and management tools, NRM immediately delivered the peace of mind and simplicity Baldor was after. For every feature they wanted, NRM was able to succinctly describe how each could be achieved within our optimization solution. Once the project scope was approved, and work began, Baldor Boston was thrilled that every part of the integration was handled by licensed in-house NRM employees­—from the engineering analysis, to the hardware installation, to the controls and software training, to the post support.

The custom solution built for Baldor was crafted around the Remote Site Manager platform, which empowered their General Manager to track space temperatures at any given time, create adaptive cooling schedules based on delivery times and holding temperature requirements, set mobile alerts if the equipment experiences a mechanical issue during off-hours, and access a web dashboard that displays all of their cold rooms from a single hub.

Two unexpected benefits of integrating NRM’s solution that Baldor appreciated: a happier workforce due to a quieter environment (the industrial-sized fans previously operated with 100% runtimes), and more productive technician visits due to the visual diagnostics data.

Optimization Benefits

Automated Temperature Tracking
Smart Controls
Analytics & Monitoring Platform
Enhanced Food Safety
Real-Time Mobile Alerts
Energy Savings
Improved Operational Efficiency

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The most comprehensive monitoring and controls system for commercial or industrial refrigeration available on the market

Continuous Performance Analysis

With Remote Site Manager, NRM's high-powered analytics platform, gain constant visibility into how your equipment is performing at any given time. Consult operational data — including component runtimes, compressor start/stops, space temperatures, defrost cycles, historical performance comparisons — and reveal any abnormalities or issues that may be negatively impacting your system's functionality. For example, with Aeronaut Brewing Co., continuous analysis led to a reduction in the evaporator fans' runtime from 100% to 88% to 30% after a few weeks and a couple minor adjustments.

Provable Long-Term Energy Savings

Large refrigeration systems like those found in cold rooms, walk-in coolers, and freezers, are the most energy-intensive components of a facility's energy portfolio. The reason why is simple: these systems are designed to provide appropriate cooling for the hottest day of the year. So, regardless of whether it's the middle of August and 90 degrees, or the dead of winter and 15 degrees, your HVACR system is operating at 100% of its capacity. By installing adapative controls with scheduling capabilities, and having the system call for cooling only when it's needed, you can drastically reduce the system's energy usage (and thus recoup a substantial amount of profit).

Predictive Fault Detection with Instant Alerts

Never be in the dark regarding a mechanical or performance issue again with NRM's monitoring tools. Many problems go undetected because most don't lead to a catastrophic failure immediately. Instead, they hinder the system's cooling ability, erode the equipment, waste energy (and money), and can eventually lead to a serious failure. Often, an issue doesn't present itself until after it's too late. NRM's tools provide a visual representation of how the system is running, and instantly notifying you when an issue is detected.

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