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If your business relies on refrigeration systems, NRM may have a way to help you change how they impact your daily operations. Whether you have walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, laboratory cold-room environments, or even large refrigerated warehouses, our solutions can be scaled and customized to fit your needs.

For us, it's about more than energy savings. Following the integration of our controls and monitoring platform, our customers experience more peace-of-mind regarding the integrity of their cold products, see a reduction in the number of nuisance maintenance calls, and are able to get ahead of an operational fault before it becomes a catastrophic failure.

NRM's Refrigeration Optimization Stack

We offer a comprehensive toolset that will have a positive impact on your bottom line and your system oversight. Our solutions can benefit everyone from hourly worker to facilities manager to owner/operator to CFO.







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Our solutions pay for themselves. Literally.

If your utility provider offers energy efficiency programs, our solutions may qualify for incentives to cover the majority of a proposed project's cost. In many cases, the refrigeration controls, door heater controls, motor upgrades, and LED replacements comprise the largest portion of the project's savings. Our customers typically see an average simple payback of 1-3 years after energy efficiency incentives, and some utilities will fully finance projects resulting in postive cash flow from day one.

I have been relying on NRM’s optimization tools and measures for more than a decade and am very pleased with the results. By integrating their control and monitoring solutions, our electric costs have been reduced annually by an average of $3,100 per store. That’s nearly $200,000 for all of my restaurants. NRM performed the installation without needing me to close my restaurant, and provided an equipment alarm system. It’s been a tremendous help to my business."

— Director of Facilities, Pepper Dining

And we go the extra mile for our customers.

At every step of the process, we put your operational and food safety needs first. Our initial site audit reveals which equipment can be optimized, and the amount of savings you can expect to realize from implementation. Then our engineers develop a customized approach based on your specific needs. When it comes time for the installation, the work is performed by licensed, in-house technicians who are factory-trained on your new controls. And we have knowledgeable experts ready to help if you have questions or concerns.

What could slashing up to 40% of your refrigeration system's electric costs do for you and your business?

What You Get


CoolTrol is an award-winning refrigeration control solution that adapts your system's operation to your specific business needs. A convenience store has different business hours and requires a different cooling schedule than a spinach processing plant, yet their refrigeration systems function in exactly the same way. By optimizing your systems, you save energy (and money), extend the life of the equipment, and ensure your cold product is protected at its most crucial stages.

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For me, it wasn’t really about the energy savings. Before getting NRM’s solution, we had no way of seeing what the problem was if a problem occurred, you know? We’d have to have as many maintenance calls as was needed to get it diagnosed. Now, I can guide our technicians exactly where to look based on the information the monitoring provides me. With the huge amount of fresh leafy greens we process, we can’t afford to take three days to figure out what’s wrong with the system’s operation."

— Michael Bruzzese, State Garden

What You Get

Remote Site Manager

Remote Site Manager is the most comprehensive monitoring and analytics platform available for refrigeration. Oversee all of your temperatures on a real-time summary page that also includes equipment metrics such as runtime percentages, compressor starts/stops, amperages, and more. It can be accessed through RSM's dashboard on any device that has a web browser. Arm yourself or your refrigeration technicians with the largest available cache of temps/system alerts, and be able to diagnose an issue, as well as its source, in RSM's unique visual trends.

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