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California Businesses,
Rethink your Refrigeration

Enhance your ability to get ahead of issues, while at the same time improving the operation and efficiency of your refrigeration

As a customer of PGE, you could get impactful system upgrades for zero out-of-pocket cost.

Between potential incentives funded by PGE and on-bill financing options, it's a no-brainer to get smart controls and equipment monitoring for your cold room or entire cold facility.

Here are some important PGE links:

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PGE Energy Efficiency Financing


PGE Energy Efficiency Financing Info [PDF]


PGE Business Energy Efficiency Rebates and Incentives

We help optimize refrigerated spaces of every size

Businesses like yours rely on NRM everyday

NRM has optimized more than 50,000 refrigeration systems

Natl. Beer Distributor

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $155,000 and 1,250,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Life Technologies

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $175,000 and 1,500,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Baldor Foods Boston

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $21,000 and 122,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Golden Gate Meat Co.

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $14,500 and 93,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

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With some preliminary information about your business, such as current facility operations, energy costs, and most importantly your optimization goals, we can give you a general idea of how we may be able to help.

From there, we’ll decide together the next best step to take. It could be a full, no-obligation refrigeration assessment to identify your actual opportunities, or it could be checking with your utility provider if they offer any incentives for energy-efficiency projects.

What kind of insights will you gain?

You'll have access to a world of valuable operational data that goes far beyond a high temperature alert. You'll be able to see "under the hood" of your system at any time and diagnose the cause of an issue.

Easy-to-Understand Live Summary Pages

Consult Remote Site Manager’s clear and informative summary pages for a one-look, high-level overview of your system’s operations. You can quickly establish if the system is running optimally and as it should with NRM’s controls through 24-hr. and 7-day runtime averages.

If the monitoring tools catch an operational fault, such as temperatures falling out of range, or the compressor starting excessively, the summary page informs you which system was affected, and when the problem began.

Real-Time Visualized Trends & Diagnostics

The unique diagnostics trends found in Remote Site Manager are invaluable tools that allow you to “peek behind the curtain.” There are a lot of temperature monitoring products out there that will alert you when a space temperature falls out of the desired range, but how many are simultaneously monitoring the source of the issue?

With RSM, you can see if the cause was a door being left open, the compressor failing to respond, an issue with the solenoid inflow, and more.

Graphs for M&V and Proof of Savings

Walk-in coolers and freezers can be significant energy hogs, with great ROI and payback opportunities for any sized energy-efficiency projects. Whether you’re reporting on sustainability goals to financial officers and stakeholders, or you’re a small business owner that just wants to be sure the controls are doing for you what was promised, Remote Site Manager offers all of the data and charts you need.

Access and extract ten years’ worth of to-the-second temperature tracking, runtimes, and energy spend.

"We’ve been able to address issues better and faster since implementing Remote Site Manager. It’s great to be able to determine the actual source of a performance issue instead of relying on the shotgun approach. Not to mention, I’m made aware of any potential problems immediately—regardless of where I am or what time of day it is—because I can log onto the platform from my smart phone."

— Victor, Facilities Manager

Achieve Long-Term Energy Savings

The combination of smart controls that optimize operation to run based on needs, hardware component upgrades, and preventative maintenance measures lead to proven results.

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