Success Story

Aeronaut Brewing Co.

In the world of craft brewing, even the slightest unnoticed change in temperatures or equipment performance can have a major impact. From unexpected costs, to altered brewing cycles, to affecting which and when a certain beer can be sold, lots of things can go wrong. Aeronaut Brewing chose NRM to ensure there are no surprises in their operations.

What They Needed:

Aeronaut Brewing Co. was on the hunt for a product or service that would allow them to monitor the temperatures of their various cold rooms, as well as provide them alerts if any of the spaces fell out of range. In their facility, they had four of these spaces: a keg cooler, a hops cooler, a foods freezer, and a packaged-product cooler. Each had their own temperature requirements, and the staff became overwhelmed constantly checking to ensure all of the cold rooms were cooled to where they needed to be on top of their normal, daily work obligations. For their varied range of beers, precise temperatures were critical because a change in temperature affected the brewing cycles and thus affected what they can sell and when.

As for the alerts, Aeronaut Brewing Co. needed a means of avoiding a catastrophic failure in their equipment. They’d lost a compressor before, and the disruption to their brewing cycles wasn’t something they could afford to suffer through again.

Solution Snapshot


    Brewery & Tap Room


    Somerville, MA

Cold Rooms:

    Keg Cooler

    Hops Cooler

    Foods Freezer

    Packaged Product Cooler

Implemented Measures:

    Remote Site Manager (cloud-based monitoring platform)

    CoolTrol (on-site smart controls)

    High-Efficiency Motor Upgrades

    Smart Defrost Kit

    Glycol Monitoring

Utility Incentive:

    50% of Total Project Cost

Annual Energy Savings:

    17,369 kWh

Annual Dollars Savings:


“The monitoring and the alarm system were why we decided to buy. In our environment, even going one day with an issue that no one notices can throw off entire brewing cycles. This can directly affect what we can sell and when, which impacts our bottom line. We also wanted to avoid a catastrophic failure­, as we’ve lost a compressor before and it's a cost we can't afford again. The energy savings were an added bonus.” — Dan Massi, Owner

What NRM Provided:

NRM was able to provide a custom solution that went above and beyond what Aeronaut Brewing Co. had originally sought. All of the cold rooms were retrofitted with on-site controls, and connected to the Remote Site Manager monitoring platform, which both automated temperature logging and provided real-time alerts for a range of factors that could affect their temps: things like doors being left open, iced up evaporator coils, and compressor short cycling. Remote Site Manager allowed the staff to track and compare temperature performances from anywhere, anytime, through the platform’s online dashboard. On top of the four cold rooms, Aeronaut Brewing Co. was able to monitor the performance of their chiller and their glycol.

The optimizations NRM performed also made each cooling system more energy efficient. By automating temperature settings, defrost cycles, and bringing to light issues that waste energy, Aeronaut Brewing Co. will see a projected annual savings of 17, 369 kWh. NRM was also able to procure a 50% energy efficiency incentive through their local utility.

Optimization Benefits

Automated Temperature Tracking
Smart Controls
Analytics Platform
Equipment Diagnostics
Real-Time Mobile Alerts
Energy Savings
Improved Operational Efficiency

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The most comprehensive monitoring and controls system for commercial or industrial refrigeration available on the market

Continuous Performance Analysis

With Remote Site Manager, NRM's high-powered analytics platform, gain constant visibility into how your equipment is performing at any given time. Consult operational data — including component runtimes, compressor start/stops, space temperatures, defrost cycles, historical performance comparisons — and reveal any abnormalities or issues that may be negatively impacting your system's functionality. For example, with Aeronaut Brewing Co., continuous analysis led to a reduction in the evaporator fans' runtime from 100% to 88% to 30% after a few weeks and a couple minor adjustments.

Provable Long-Term Energy Savings

Large refrigeration systems like those found in cold rooms, walk-in coolers, and freezers, are the most energy-intensive components of a facility's energy portfolio. The reason why is simple: these systems are designed to provide appropriate cooling for the hottest day of the year. So, regardless of whether it's the middle of August and 90 degrees, or the dead of winter and 15 degrees, your HVACR system is operating at 100% of its capacity. By installing adapative controls with scheduling capabilities, and having the system call for cooling only when it's needed, you can drastically reduce the system's energy usage (and thus recoup a substantial amount of profit).

Predictive Fault Detection with Instant Alerts

Never be in the dark regarding a mechanical or performance issue again with NRM's monitoring tools. Many problems go undetected because most don't lead to a catastrophic failure immediately. Instead, they hinder the system's cooling ability, erode the equipment, waste energy (and money), and can eventually lead to a serious failure. Often, an issue doesn't present itself until after it's too late. NRM's tools provide a visual representation of how the system is running, and instantly notifying you when an issue is detected.

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