Commercial Refrigeration Case Studies

Saving Energy & Reducing Costs for Businesses of Every Size

Convenience Store

Convenience stores are open long hours and stock a large number of refrigerated products. Learn how National Resource Management helps customers save big on their electricity consumption and lower utility bills.

Educational & Institutional

Energy efficiency is important to institutional operations. Learn how schools, stadiums, hospitals and federal buildings can utilize refrigeration energy saving products to lower the cost of energy.

Grocery Store

Refrigeration is important to the operation of any grocery store, especially when it comes to maintaining food safety standards. Learn how NRM helps customers worry less about spoilage while lowering energy consumption and cost.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

The U.S. pharmaceutical industry consumes almost $1 billion in energy annually. Learn how implementing energy efficiency improvements in refrigeration can reduce these costs.

Liquor Store

In order to provide the coldest beer in town, coolers work hard to maintain temperatures. Learn how liquor store owners use NRM products to drastically reduce utility bills while ensuring product integrity.


Refrigeration is one of the most important components of any restaurant, and food safety is a big concern. Learn how restaurants save money and prevent spoilage by using NRM products.

Wholesale & Cold Storage

In order to keep products fresh, refrigerated warehouses consume an extreme amount of energy on cooling. Learn how NRM products not only lowers the cost of energy, but can prevent product loss by detecting equipment failure before it becomes a problem.