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NRM is a leader in the energy efficiency field, and the go-to provider of refrigeration-specific solutions for small businesses and large, refrigerated facilities alike.

Who We Are

National Resource Management implements best-in-class controls and automation solutions, uniquely focusing on commercial and industrial refrigeration.

For over twenty years, our optimization and analysis tools have been producing long-term energy, maintenance, and operations benefits in tens of thousands of retail coolers, distribution and manufacturing plants, laboratory environmental rooms, and foodservice facilities across North America. Our total end-to-end ownership of the energy optimization, turn-key system design and implementation, and delivery of customer outcomes and support have made us the premier refrigeration retrofit specialist for utility programs, regulatory agencies, ESCOs, and energy efficiency contractors nationwide.

We lead the industry in data-driven optimization and control technologies. Dedicated research, rigorous testing, and third-party verification drive the development of our award-winning controls and automation solutions.

Cloud-based management allows for entire campuses or chains to be controlled from a single dashboard. State-of-the-art alarms, automated fault detection, and powerful data analytics allow problems to be identified, diagnosed, and corrected before catastrophic equipment failure. Real-time performance metrics, historical trends, and intelligent alarms empower multiple stakeholders, from quality control, health and safety, to service technicians, outside contractors, and facilities staff.

Our experts have been invited to speak at leading conferences for the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Produce Marketing Association (PMA), National Beer Wholesale Association (NBWA) and the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL), among others. We offer educational resources and information online and in-person, with the goal of bringing awareness to the topic of energy efficiency in refrigeration.

As the kWh goals for utility programs have increased (and will continue to do so), we have proved able to scale with the demand for energy savings. We continuously leverage our in-depth understanding of refrigerated spaces to develop and bring new measures and technologies to market.

Through development and research of new technologies by our engineers, we have sponsored multiple pilots with end customers seeking additional ways to save energy. Many of these technologies and applications have become mainstream measures, now widely offered in programs nationwide, by a variety of vendors. We brought solutions to market years ahead of the industry, and consulted closely with manufacturers, to create solutions that work in commercial refrigeration applications. Examples include EC motor retrofits, LED cooler display lights, anti-sweat door heater controls, glass door enclosures for open refrigerated cases and more.

What Sets Us Apart

Our small-business approach to big-business problems.

What does that mean exactly? It means that at every step of the process, from idea to install, you work directly with us.

The implementation of our solution is a true turnkey process and requires “zero finger lift” from you. Our business model is based upon taking total ownership of the technology, process, savings delivery, and customer outcomes. It is this state-of-the-art, “all in” commitment to support, installation, and service infrastructure that allows us to consistently deliver the best realization rates in the business–consistently over 100% of estimates, in the most-challenging technologies and markets.

Our commitment to doing things right extends beyond simply obtaining a permit for every installation. Each installation technician is a full-time, uniformed employee of NRM, trained and fully committed to maintaining a high level of customer service and able to deliver on our high standards for installation. We invest three years of training and apprenticeship, on average, before a new hire is qualified to oversee a comprehensive installation.

All of our service and installation trucks are tracked using real-time GPS, and all technicians are issued smartphones with access to NRM’s web-based work order and CRM systems, to ensure rapid and flexible service and response times.

Once the project is complete, our technicians perform a full test and commissioning of the system, end-user training, document any changes to the project, and receive a sign-off from the customer.

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