Optimization Solutions for

Refrigerated Warehouses

Whether you’re long-term cold storage or a link in the cold chain between farm and table, we know your focus is product safety, quality, and integrity. NRM’s tools and measures help improve your ability to successfully manage all three.

Your industrial refrigeration can — and should — operate precisely how your business needs it to.

Maintaining refrigeration facilities is uniquely demanding. From delivery and shipping schedules, to on-site logistics, to temperature and performance logging, to maintenance and replacement, to compliance and reporting… it all requires significant human investment.

But what if you had an extra set of eyes and hands looking after your refrigeration system 24/7. An employee that never needs time off or a sick day.

NRM’s solution can identify and assist you in correcting most inefficiencies in your system’s performance, which means you’ll be able to get in front of potentially serious issues. When perishables are at risk and systems fail, that’s a problem that “can’t wait until Monday.”

Any industry. Any size facility.

87%* of refrigeration systems operate with undetected equipment issues and inefficiencies.

The quickest way to discover if your facility can benefit from our solution is to request a callback:

With some preliminary information about your business, such as current facility operations, energy costs, and most importantly your optimization goals, we can give you a general idea of how we may be able to help.

From there, we’ll decide together the next best step to take. It could be a full, no-obligation refrigeration assessment to identify your actual opportunities, or it could be checking with your utility provider if they offer any incentives for energy-efficiency projects.

A full suite of system upgrades

With NRM, you get more than just energy savings. Our unique refrigeration optimizations also provide better operational performance, more informed troubleshooting, and management tools that actually make your life easier.

Enhanced Temp. Controls

Your needs change by the day—sometimes even by the hour—and NRM’s controls let you manage and adapt your system’s operation on the fly.

Web & Mobile Management

You can’t be at your facility 24/7, but you can have a live overview of your system from anywhere you have internet access.

40-60% System Runtime Reductions

It’s a fact that redundancies are built into your system in order to maintain safe temps. But they’re also costing you excess kWh.

FSMA and HACCP Compliant

Better adhere to food safety regulations with automated and collated temperature tracking, with up to 10 years of operational data.

Predictive Fault Detection

The only solution available that analyzes things like compressor start/stops, defrosts, and amps to anticipate problems.

24/7 System Health Monitoring

Issues can’t wait to be solved at a later date. Receive email and push alerts immediately when the monitoring detects a performance abnormality.

Safe Bypass for Easy Troubleshooting

Bypass reverts the system back to mechanical thermostat control safely so you can treat the root causes of mechanical issues easily.

Robust Operational Automations

Remove the human-error element from your most important, repeatable tasks such as temp. logging or compiling diagnostics.

"The monitoring features have been a life saver. One of our compressors suffered a blown fuse, and it would have gone undetected prior to NRM’s intervention because our space temperatures read normal and you obviously can’t hear or easily see a blown fuse. But RSM quickly detected the abnormality, alerted me to it, and I contacted our technician who was able to diagnose the exact problem and fix it on the first visit."

— Glenn Messinger, General Manager – Baldor Foods Boston

Upgrades for your refrigeration system may be eligible for generous incentives from your utility provider that cover 60-100% of the project cost.

But incentive dollars are limited, so act now!

It couldn't be easier to do


An NRM specialist quickly but thoroughly measures your cold space, noting layout, equipment types, and runtimes.


Next, NRM analyzes which efficiency enhancements your equipment qualifies for, and calculates potential kWh savings.


Following the analysis, NRM applies for the any eligible utility incentives on your behalf. These drastically reduce up-front costs.


Once all the info is compiled, NRM presents the project scope to you for your approval. Then we schedule the installation.


Licensed, in-house techs. install your new, retrofit controls and measures with zero interruption to your day-to-day business.


NRM’s proven measures provide long-term, verifiable energy savings compared to the cost of doing nothing. With incentives, many of our customers achieve unmatched payback times and ROI.

"We’ve been able to address issues better and faster since implementing Remote Site Manager. It’s great to be able to determine the actual source of a performance issue instead of relying on the shotgun approach. Not to mention, I’m made aware of any potential problems immediately—regardless of where I am or what time of day it is—because I can log onto the platform from my smart phone."

— Victor, Facilities Manager


Live System Monitoring
From Anywhere

Gain the ability to manage and control your refrigeration systems from anywhere you have internet access. Whether you have 1 cold space or 100, you can enhance your oversight and ensure the most optimal performance. 

Large Facility Success Stories

Natl. Beer Distributor

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $155,000 and 1,250,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Life Technologies

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $175,000 and 1,500,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Baldor Foods Boston

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $21,000 and 122,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Golden Gate Meat Co.

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $14,500 and 93,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Pittsfield Rye

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $21,000 and 115,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Valley Wide Distributor

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $33,400 and 176,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Marquez Bros. Intl.

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $150,000 and 1,050,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Peter Condakes Co.

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $12,000 and 70,500 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

"Before we purchased RSM, it was literally a full-time job manually checking the temperatures of all of our refrigeration. We have five trailers, a blast freezer, a utility freezer, and a walk-in cooler. With RSM, I can simply check my iPad and have all of that information at my fingertips 24 hours a day, anywhere I am. I love the system and would highly recommend it."

— Rick Robbins, Owner

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