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Retrofit refrigeration optimizations are terrific measures to add to upcoming energy efficiency projects. They provide proven savings month-after-month, and typically a shorter payback period to make overall project specifics more attractive.

Offset long paybacks and achieve unrivaled gains in energy savings.

Retrofit refrigeration optimizations are terrific measures to add to upcoming energy efficiency projects. They provide proven savings month-after-month, and typically have a shorter payback period than other components to make overall project specifics more attractive.

NRM has installed these controls and implemented efficiency measures in over 50,000 systems since 1995. This has included the types of facilities most commonly associated with ESCO-sponsored projects. Institutions and facilities such as school systems, federal and municipal buildings, biotech and pharmaceutical, and more.

As a result, NRM can offer a long track record of success, and our solution can be easily implemented into an already developed energy-efficiency proposal, or lay the groundwork for a new project.

The quickest way to discover if your facility can benefit from our solution is to request a callback:

With some preliminary information about your energy project, such as current facility operations, energy costs, and most importantly your optimization goals, we can give you a general idea of how we may be able to help.

From there, we’ll decide together the next best step to take. It could be a full, no-obligation refrigeration measurement to determine your actual opportunities, or it could be checking with your utility provider if they offer any incentives for energy-efficiency projects.

Most common places we find upgrade opportunities:

No longer do your evaporator fan sets need to run 100% of the time 24/7/365. CoolTrol® can reduce their operation times by up to 70%, which decreases your monthly electric costs and extends the life of the equipment.

As most evaporator fans currently operate 100% of the time, the older, inefficient motors are continuously generating and rejecting heat into the cold space. New EC Motor technology are upgrades that drastically reduce the amount of heat created by over 60%, as well as improve overall performance.

Your door heaters are a significant source of savings, and CoolTrol® can reduce their runtimes by up to 95% in coolers and up to 60% in freezers.

If you have soft drinks coolers, CoolTrol can schedule them to be off while your business is closed, saving 100% energy during off-hours.

By allowing CoolTrol® to manage your electric defrost, defrosts will initiate based on algorithms in the controls software using coil temperatures and runtimes instead of a fixed schedule. This drastically decreases the amount of energy waste, as well as nuisance maintenance calls, for icing issues. CoolTrol® systems can be networked and save more energy through synchronizing defrosts.

Not only reduce energy consumption by upgrading from old, fluorescent lamps to LED, but improve your product display with a cooler, brighter appearance. If applicable, upgrades can include overhead in-cooler lamps as well as door-lined lamps for reach-in product coolers.

Why add NRM's retrofit controls and measures to your energy project?

With NRM, you get more than just energy savings. Our unique refrigeration optimizations also provide better operational performance, more informed troubleshooting, unique diagnostics, and remote management tools that actually make your life easier.

Advanced Temp. Control
Check or change temp. settings anywhere you have internet
Start a defrost from your mobile phone with one button
Forward email alerts to your refrigeration technician
Helps Get More Out of Your System

Catch hidden issues like short cycling (excessive STARTS/STOPS)

View and analyze power output, average temperatures, and more to spot performance abnormalities

Fewer emergency maintenance calls for nuisance issues
Extend the operating life of your compressors and evaporator fans
Automatic real-time temperature tracking and logging

Multiple years of historical operational data stored in memory

Instant email alerts prior to a potential temperature issue

Available daily temp. logs for easy USDA & FSMA compliance

Scalable & BMS Compatibility
Easily add new cold spaces to your dashboard as you grow
Scalable from 1 cold space to 100, and across multiple locations
Integrate into existing Building Management Systems

It couldn't be easier to get.

We've worked with some of the best ESCOs around the country

"In our Annenberg dining hall freezer, our compressors were on the verge of burning out, and we would never have picked up on it if not for the monitoring software. Not only did the alert save the compressor, which is a multi-thousand-dollar repair in itself, but potentially a freezer’s worth of product that might have been lost otherwise. We've had the monitoring software for 10 years, and I wouldn't give it up for anything. It is one of the best things I did to save money on this campus."

— Bob Leandro, Dining Facilities Manager

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