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In today’s foodservices environment, patrons care more than ever about food safety and quality. Spoiled product, equipment failure, and unnecessary energy usage can quickly derail a day. NRM's solutions can provide 24/7/365 oversight and peace of mind, as well as historical temperature and performance data for adhering to FSMA requirements and other regulations.

Life in the kitchen is hectic and demanding. You need to be able to rely on your crucial kitchen equipment, like your walk-in coolers, just as your patrons rely on you.

Maintaining refrigeration facilities is uniquely demanding. From delivery and shipping schedules, to on-site logistics, to temperature and performance logging, to maintenance and replacement, to compliance and reporting… it all requires significant human investment. It can be even worse for foodservices. Not only do those same demands apply, providing an exceptional dining experience is equally paramount. Plating dozens or hundreds of meals during a rush, every one of them on-time, requires a well-tuned machine. Life in a foodservice kitchen is not just about being a great cook, it is about building human systems that produce consistently excellent results. Your front-line results are only as good as your inventory, prep, weakest station, and food storage practices.

NRM’s cloud-based controls and monitoring platform acts as an extra set of eyes and hands on your refrigeration system.

View advanced diagnostics and detailed operating data anytime. Receive real-time alerts before temperature goes out of range, access historical performance data for audits and reporting, and recoup an average of 30% of the system’s energy consumption. Detect malfunctions before you have a product loss, and filter nuisance alerts from real problems on the fly, on your phone. And if you manage multiple locations, the web-based platform can connect all of your refrigeration systems through a single hub. Best of all, the system pays for itself through energy savings. Financing options are available that can often make the system effectively zero out-of-pocket cost. Your kitchen gets state-of-the-art web management, and your facility gets significant energy and cost savings, without having to fight for budget authorizations.

NRM’s suite of optimizations and controls pay for themselves in no time, with documented, proven energy savings. Attractive financials are key to executive approval and implementation, and the benefits to on-going operations are immediate and valuable.

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Optimization Features and Benefits

Predictive Fault Detection

Never be in the dark about a mechanical issue again. NRM’s platform keeps you connected to your equipment 24/7, from anywhere. Many mechanical issues can occur when you least expect them, or when you’re not even there to notice them. Evaporator coil icing up on a Saturday? Receive an alert to your phone, schedule extra defrosts from your mobile browser, and resolve the issue. Cooler or freezer door left open? Get an alert and call the onsite staff before it becomes a temperature problem.

Tailored Insights

Scalable, real-time oversight, tested and proven across tens of thousands of coolers and freezers. Track temperatures, equipment run-times, on/off status, compressor operation, energy consumption, and more. Refrigerant leak detection, lead/lag, load shifting, adaptive defrost, demand limiting, superheat and sub-cooling performance, and custom management strategies can all be easily implemented.

Built for the Real World

NRM’s controls are designed from the ground up to be serviceable by anyone. One-button bypass instantly restores the system to pure mechanical control. If the NRM controls fail or lose power, they immediately go to bypass, and come back online with all settings intact. Simple, user-friendly interfaces and operation makes it easy to get state-of-the-art diagnostics without needing to be a computer expert or an engineer. Automated temperature logging eliminates the need for manual recording.

Timed System Shutdown

Deliveries and inventory are two instances where your refrigeration equipment can waste the most energy and experience the most potential for trouble. Doors get left open, breakers get flipped off, and people get distracted. With NRM’s system, a bright red button lets delivery people or crewmembers taking inventory safely shut down the walk-in temporarily, preventing them from accidentally leaving a breaker or disconnect turned off.

Proven Energy Savings

When the energy-efficiency industry thinks refrigeration, they think NRM. Our award-winning solution is multi-faceted—comprehensive smart controls, predictive diagnostics, a web-based platform, hardware upgrades—allowing it to provide unmatched optimization. Across tens of thousands of coolers and freezers, NRM solutions reduce energy consumption by 30% or more.

A Complete Turnkey Solution

With unique 24/7 technical support, dozens of service and installation trucks on real-time GPS tracking, automated work-order management and dispatching, NRM is fully equipped to make sure you get the best possible outcome. Our true turn-key approach to implementation, commissioning, training, and post-installation support, means that one company is accountable: NRM. And our ongoing support also allows for continuous training. When roles change or new service professionals need training, we’re only a phone call away.

Hardware Upgrades

Motor upgrades, run-time control, adaptive defrost strategies, and precision temperature management all extend the life of the equipment, and reduce the frequency of emergency repair calls.

Scalable Platform

Whether you have one cold room, a dozen cold rooms, or multiple sites, NRM can help streamline and improve your oversight for all of them. Remote Site Manager's online dashboard provides a convenient, centralized location to see how any of them are performing at any given time. NRM's award-winning controls and monitoring platform can also be integrated into existing EMS/BMS systems easil with Modbus TCP support.

"In our Annenberg dining hall freezer, our compressors were on the verge of burning out, and we would never have picked up on it if not for the monitoring software. Not only did the alert save the compressor, which is a multi-thousand -dollar repair in itself, but potentially a freezer’s worth of product that might have been lost otherwise. We've had the monitoring software for 10 years, and I wouldn't give it up for anything. It is one of the best things I did to save money on this campus."

- Bob Leandro,
Dining Facilities Manager, Harvard

With Remote Site Manager, NRM's web-based monitoring and controls platform, take advantage of mobile access to temperature logs, performance trends, on-demand defrost, and receive instant notification of a temperature or mechanical issue.

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