Laboratory Environments

Critical-cooling applications in laboratory environments need the best available technology, with the lowest carbon-footprint. Your laboratory equipment gives you unparalleled insight into your research, why shouldn’t you have the same insight into your refrigeration equipment?

Laboratory Environments

In laboratory environmental rooms, tight tolerances are the name of the game. Compressors are often run in always-on, hot-gas bypass (HGBP) mode, in order to maintain an extremely narrow dead-band--sometimes +/- 0.5 degrees. This comes at the cost of massive energy consumption. Circular chart-recorders and control panels provide data, but are they really telling you what you need to know? Can they predict a problem before it happens?

NRM’s web-enabled controls and monitoring platform acts as an extra set of eyes and hands on the refrigeration system. View advanced diagnostics and detailed operating data anytime. Receive real-time alerts and predictive diagnostics before temperature goes out of range, access historical performance data for audits and reporting, and optimize temperature performance and equipment life.

NRM’s intelligent controls know when to switch to high-energy, instant response hot-gas bypass operation, and when to back off and return to stable pump-down operation with intelligent condenser and evaporator cycling for improved temperature stability.

Cold rooms utilizing NRM’s control platform meet the same temperature tolerance, while using half the energy of those without it.

How can NRM Help?

  • Real-Time Monitoring & Control - Never be in the dark about a mechanical issue again. NRM’s platform keeps you connected to your equipment 24/7, from anywhere. Many mechanical issues can occur when you least expect them, or when you’re not even there to notice them. Evaporator coil icing up on a Saturday? Receive an alert to your phone, schedule extra defrosts from your mobile browser, and resolve the issue. Cooler or freezer door left open? Get an alert and call the onsite staff before it becomes a temperature problem.
  • Proven Energy Savings - When the energy-efficiency industry thinks refrigeration, they think NRM. Our award-winning solution is multi-faceted—comprehensive smart controls, predictive diagnostics, a web-based platform, hardware upgrades—allowing it to provide unmatched optimization. Across tens of thousands of coolers and freezers, NRM solutions reduce energy consumption by 30% or more.
  • Adaptable & Scalable Platform - Whether your facility or network has 3 walk-ins or 300, NRM's platform allows for control and monitoring through a single hub. Streamline the oversight and management process through an online dashboard with access from anywhere, 24/7/365.
  • A Complete Turn-Key Solution - With unique 24/7 technical support, dozens of service and installation trucks on real-time GPS tracking, automated work-order management and dispatching, NRM is fully equipped to make sure you get the best possible outcome. Our true turn-key approach to implementation, commissioning, training, and post-installation support, means that one company is accountable: NRM. And our ongoing support also allows for continuous training. When roles change or new service professionals need training, we’re only a phone call away.
  • Built For The Real World - NRM’s controls are designed from the ground up to be serviceable by anyone. One-button bypass instantly restores the system to pure mechanical control. If the NRM controls fail or lose power, they immediately go to bypass, and come back online with all settings intact. Simple, user-friendly interfaces and operation makes it easy to get state-of-the-art diagnostics without needing to be a computer expert or an engineer.
  • Insight Designed Around Your Needs – Scalable, real-time oversight, tested and proven across tens of thousands of coolers and freezers. Track temperatures, equipment run-times, on/off status, compressor operation, and energy usage. Refrigerant leak detection, lead/lag, load shifting, adaptive defrost, demand limiting, superheat and sub-cooling performance, and custom management strategies can all be easily implemented.
  • Monitoring-Based Commissioning - Motor upgrades, run-time control, adaptive defrost strategies, and precision temperature management all extend the life of the equipment, and reduce the frequency of emergency repair calls.
  • Built-In Measurement & Verification (M&V) - Store and download current and historical operational data and energy usage, locally or from The Cloud.

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