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We know the importance of proving and documenting energy savings, and have crafted a "zero finger lift" solution that easily and painlessly adds refrigeration into your energy-efficiency project.

Refrigeration optimizations can offset longer, drawn-out payback periods

Walk-in coolers and freezers can be significant energy hogs, with great ROI and payback opportunities for energy-efficiency projects. But actually delivering and proving real, long-term savings means adding value to the tasks performed by a number of stakeholders, including kitchen managers, maintenance staff, and outside contractors. With school systems often having a network of walk-ins, for example, the combined improvements across each system (controls, remote visibility, equipment supervision, smart defrost, and component upgrades such as fan motors or refrigerated-space lighting) make it an institutional no-brainer.

Our solutions were crafted with your day-to-day needs in mind

The wealth of data users can access through NRM's monitoring tools may seem like overkill to some, but you'll be glad it's there when you need it. View advanced diagnostics and detailed operating data anytime. Access and export historical performance data for audits, M&V, and reporting (such as for HACCP or FSMA adherence). Enhance your technician's ability to troubleshoot. From FDA-validated laboratories to some of the largest networks of municipal and education facilities, people who care about quality and precision temperature control, rely on us.

User-friendliness is the driving force behind everything we do

Controlling and monitoring temperatures of walk-in or reach-in coolers and freezers should be as convenient for you as your services are for your customers. It's been our goal since day one to provide a solution that was simple to use, clear in the information it provides, and accessible to everyone from hourly worker to your lifelong refrigeration tech. Following the installation, we'll train and support your employees of choice in how the controls add value to your daily operations. And if you have question, our knowledgable experts are here to help, along with an online library of how-to videos.

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Radically change how your refrigeration system impacts your business

Quick Payback Periods

Offset longer paybacks in your energy efficiency proposal with quick, high-impact refrigeration measures.

Long-Term Energy Savings

Recoup 30-50% of your refrigeration-specific energy costs year after year without sacrificing temperature integrity.

Push-Button Timed System Shutdown

Safely turn off the refrigeration system for in-cooler tasks such as unloading deliveries or taking inventory.

50-80% Runtimes Reductions

Smart controls adapt your evaporator fansets, anti-sweat door heaters, and cooling schedules to your exact needs.

Timely & Actionable Alerts

No refrigeration issue can "wait until Monday morning." Receive notifications regarding dozens of potential pain points.

Safe System Bypass

Safely return your refrigeration back to mechanical control for easy diagnosing and troubleshooting.

Cloud-Based Monitoring Dashboard

Never be in the dark again regarding your system's operation, whether you're on-site or on the couch.

Automated Temp. Tracking/Logging

Remove the human element of temperature tracking and improve both food safety and M+V data recording.

We've been trusted by many of the leading ESCOs:

In our Annenberg dining hall freezer, our compressors were on the verge of burning out, and we would never have picked up on it if not for the monitoring software. Not only did the alert save the compressor, which is a multi-thousand-dollar repair in itself, but potentially a freezer’s worth of product that might have been lost otherwise. We've had the monitoring software for 10 years, and I wouldn't give it up for anything. It is one of the best things I did to save money on this campus."

— Bob Leandro, Dining Facilities Manager, Harvard

NRM's award-winning smart controls, CoolTrol

Discover what real peace of mind feels like with Remote Site Manager

Ensure there are no underlying, undetected mechancial faults that would prevent our controls solution from fully delivering on its promise. Remote Site Manager monitors the most critical points of operation, bar none. Including, but not limited to, temperature settings, equipment runtimes, electric defrost, compressor START/STOPS, and cooler/freezer door statuses. And if any kind of anamoly is detected, you'll receive timely, contextual alerts before the issue evolves into a catastrophic problem.

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I've had Remote Site Manager for ten years, and I utilize the monitoring dashboard every single day. Because of the types of pharmaceutical compounds we store, we have redundant cooling systems in our coolers and freezers. So if we didn’t have RSM monitoring the equipment itself, we wouldn’t know if there’s an issue because the space temperatures requirements would still be satisfied. RSM allows me to catch mechanical issues early, before we have a $30 million mistake."

— Shawn Clarke, EH&S at Thermo Fisher Scientific

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