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Whether you're long-term cold storage, or a link in the cold chain between farm and table, we know your focus is product safety, quality, and integrity... and it's been our focus for over twenty years, as well.

Our solutions were crafted with your day-to-day needs in mind

The wealth of data users can access through NRM's monitoring tools may seem like overkill to some, but you'll be glad it's there when you need it. View advanced diagnostics and detailed operating data anytime. Access and export historical performance data for audits, M&V, and reporting (such as for HACCP or FSMA adherence). Enhance your technician's ability to troubleshoot. From FDA-validated laboratories to some of the largest networks of municipal and education facilities, people who care about quality and precision temperature control, rely on us.

An extra dedicated employee that will never take a sick day

Maintaining refrigeration facilities is uniquely demanding. From delivery and shipping schedules, to on-site logistics, to temperature and performance logging, to maintenance and replacement, to compliance and reporting... it all requires significant human investment. For many of our customers, just tracking temperatures requires a full-time role. NRM seeks to counter-balance that trend by creating a solution that acts as an extra set of eyes and hands on your refrigeration system, delivering unparalleled peace-of-mind.

We believe in creating partnerships, not transactions

From idea to install, you work directly with NRM specialists and licensed, in-house technicians. Beginning with a comprehensive facility audit, we provide built-in M+V, utility incentive calculation documentation (where applicable), and a single point of contact for end-to-end warranty and customer service. Following the installation, we'll train and support your employees of choice in how the controls add value to your daily operations. And if you have a question, our knowledgable experts are here to help, along with an online library of how-to videos.

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Radically change how your refrigeration system impacts your business

Scalable & BMS/EMS-Compatible

Easily incorporate NRM's hardware into any existing energy or building-management systems through Modbus TCP support.

Long-Term Energy Savings

Recoup 30-50% of your refrigeration-specific energy costs year after year without sacrificing temperature integrity.

Timely & Actionable Alerts

No refrigeration issue can "wait until Monday morning." Receive notifications regarding dozens of potential pain points.

50-80% Runtimes Reductions

Smart controls adapt your evaporator fansets, anti-sweat door heaters, and cooling schedules to your exact needs.

Cloud-Based Monitoring Dashboard

Always be in-tune with your system's operation, whether you're on-site or on the couch.

Safe System Bypass

Safely return your refrigeration back to mechanical control for easy diagnosing and troubleshooting.

A True Turnkey Solution

From initial energy audit to install, you work directly with NRM and our licensed in-house technicians and engineers.

Automated Temp. Tracking/Logging

Remove the human element of temperature tracking and improve both food safety and M+V data recording.

Before we purchased RSM, it was literally a full-time job manually checking the temperatures of all of our refrigeration. We have five trailers, a blast freezer, a utility freezer, and a walk-in cooler. With RSM, I can simply check my iPad and have all of that information at my fingertips 24 hours a day, anywhere I am. I love the system and would highly recommend it."

— Rick Robbins, Owner, Pittsfield Rye Bakery

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NRM's optimizations are custom tailored to your business' specific cooling requirements. CoolTrol, our award-winning smart controller, is the backbone of every solution, providing year-over-year benefit. But our solution is comprehensive: inefficient hardware components, refrigerated-space lighting, and door heaters offer great opportunities for savings, as well.

NRM's award-winning smart controls, CoolTrol

The monitoring features have been a life saver. One of our compressors suffered a blown fuse, and it would have gone undetected prior to NRM’s intervention because our space temperatures read normal and you obviously can’t hear or easily see a blown fuse. But RSM quickly detected the abnormality, alerted me to it, and I contacted our technician who was able to diagnose the exact problem and fix it on the first visit."

— Glenn Messinger, General Manager, Baldor Foods Boston

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