Rethink your cold operations and act now to take advantage of generous incentives that can help you get energy efficiency upgrades for potentially no up-front cost

ALL New Jersey utilities currently have programs that offer incentives that cover up to 70% of the up-front cost of an energy efficiency upgrade. NRM can help take advantage of those incentives with high-impact upgrades for your commercial refrigeration system that provide long-term improvements.

List of utilities NRM works with



Atlantic City Electric

What kind of improvements will I see?


NRM’s unique and proven smart controls improve the operation of your refrigeration system from top to bottom. Beside adapting your system’s cooling schedule from running continuously to need-based, the controls also improve your ability to track temperatures, defrost your evaporator fans, address temperature issues, and more.


Have you ever stopped and considered why your refrigeration needs to run just as hard in the middle of January as it does in the middle of July? The short answer is it actually doesn’t need to. NRM’s efficiency measures can reduce your system’s runtime by an average of 40-60% without jeopardizing food safety.


One of the main contributing factors to the inefficient operation of a commercial refrigeration system is old, outdated equipment components. Most systems we encounter are 10-15+ years old, which means much of the hardware can be upgraded to higher efficiency versions.


Another leading cause of inefficient, wasteful operation of your refrigeration system is the existence of unseen mechanical issues. Not only do these kinds of issues sap your system of effective cooling, they could lead to a catastrophic failure that risks your perishable cold product. NRM’s controls will alert you immediately if they detect an issue.


Along with better operation and oversight, NRM’s solution delivers proven, verifiable energy savings that will lower your monthly commercial electric bill. Because the savings can be tracked and verified, BGE trusts NRM’s results enough that they’re the exclusive vendor for refrigeration controls and measures.

The quickest way to secure your assessment is to have us call you to schedule it:

The program’s no-cost assessment is a quick but crucial first step in getting your project underway, and also qualifying for utility-funded incentives.

The assessment consists of an NRM Energy Advisor analyzing your refrigeration’s current operation in a walk-through that usually takes 15-20 minutes to conduct. They note what kind of equipment your system has, runtimes, where parts are located, and a sketch of the walk-in cooler’s or freezer’s layout.

It's time your refrigeration gives you the kinds of insights that other "smart" systems in your life do.

Go "under the hood" of your refrigeration whenever (and wherever) you need

Whether you’re in the office with your laptop computer, down on the floor with a tablet, or at home on the couch with your phone, you have access to your refrigeration system’s operation 24/7 with Remote Site Manager.

Easy-to-Read Live Summary Pages

Consult Remote Site Manager’s clear and informative summary pages for a one-look, high-level overview of your system’s operations. You can quickly establish if the system is running optimally and as it should with NRM’s controls through 24-hr. and 7-day runtime averages.

If the monitoring tools catch an operational fault, such as temperatures falling out of range, or the compressor starting excessively, the summary page informs you which system was affected, and when the problem began.

Real-Time Visualized Trends & Diagnostics

The unique diagnostics trends found in Remote Site Manager are invaluable tools that allow you to “peek behind the curtain.” There are a lot of temperature monitoring products out there that will alert you when a space temperature falls out of the desired range, but how many are simultaneously monitoring the source of the issue?

With RSM, you can see if the cause was a door being left open, the compressor failing to respond, an issue with the solenoid inflow, and more.

Performance Graphs for M&V and Proof of Savings

Walk-in coolers and freezers can be significant energy hogs, with great ROI and payback opportunities for any sized energy-efficiency projects. Whether you’re reporting on sustainability goals to financial officers and stakeholders, or you’re a small business owner that just wants to be sure the controls are doing for you what was promised, Remote Site Manager offers all of the data and charts you need.

Access and extract ten years’ worth of to-the-second temperature tracking, runtimes, and energy spend.

Timely and Informative Email Alerts

Most of our customers point to RSM’s timely and actionable alerts as their favorite feature of the platform. They provide context and a starting point for resolving issues. There are dozens of components and processes that can be monitored, and thus dozens of previously unknown opportunities to catch a problem, and then remedy said problem before it becomes a catastrophe.

Our customers can’t put a price tag on the newfound peace-of-mind they have when they leave work at the end of the day.

87%* of refrigeration systems operate with undetected equipment issues and inefficiencies. Don't let your system go another day without crucial insights.

Success Stories

Baldor Foods Boston

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $21,000 and 122,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Golden Gate Meat Co.

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $14,500 and 93,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Pittsfield Rye

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $21,000 and 115,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

Marquez Bros. Intl.

With NRM's help, they are now able to save $150,000 and 1,050,000 kWh every year from their commercial electric bill.

"Before we purchased RSM, it was literally a full-time job manually checking the temperatures of all of our refrigeration. We have five trailers, a blast freezer, a utility freezer, and a walk-in cooler. With RSM, I can simply check my iPad and have all of that information at my fingertips 24 hours a day, anywhere I am. I love the system and would highly recommend it."

— Rick Robbins, Owner

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