Cloud-Based Refrigeration Monitoring

Remote Site

Remote Site Manager is NRM's powerful cloud-based monitoring platform uniquely developed for refrigeration. Our hyper-focused approach means you won't find a larger cache of operational data and actionable alerts available anywhere.

Bring the simplicity and peace of mind of today's home security options to your refrigerated warehouse, cold room, walk-in cooler or freezer.

Around-the-Clock Supervision

Scalable, Integratable & Cloud-Based

Actionable & Timely Email/Mobile Alerts

In our Annenberg dining hall freezer, our compressors were on the verge of burning out, and we would never have picked up on it if not for the monitoring software. Not only did the alert save the compressor, which is a multi-thousand-dollar repair in itself, but potentially a freezer’s worth of product that might have been lost otherwise. We've had the monitoring software for 10 years, and I wouldn't give it up for anything. It is one of the best things I did to save money on this campus."

— Bob Leandro, Dining Facilities Manager, Harvard

Easy-to-understand summary pages

Consult Remote Site Manager's clear and informative summary pages for a one-look, high-level overview of your system's operations. You can quickly establish if the system is running optimally and as it should with NRM's controls through 24-hr. and 7-day runtime averages. If the monitoring tools catch an operational fault, such as temperatures falling out of range, or the compressor starting excessively, the summary page informs you which system was affected, and when the problem began.

Real-time visualized diagnostics

The unique diagnostics trends found in Remote Site Manager are invaluable tools that allow you to "peek behind the curtain." There are a lot of temperature monitoring products out there that will alert you when a space temperature falls out of the desired range, but how many are simultaneously monitoring the source of the issue? With RSM, you can see if the cause was a door being left open, the compressor failing to respond, an issue with the solenoid inflow, and more.

Informative email and mobile alerts

Most of our customers point to RSM's timely and actionable alerts as their favorite feature of the platform. They provide context and a starting point for resolving issues. There are dozens of components and processes that can be monitored, and thus dozens of previously unknown opportunities to catch a problem, and then remedy said problem before it becomes a catastrophe. Our customers can't put a price tag on the newfound peace-of-mind they have when they leave work at the end of the day.

Concrete historical operational data

Walk-in coolers and freezers can be significant energy hogs, with great ROI and payback opportunities for any sized energy-efficiency projects. Whether you're reporting on sustainability goals to finanical officers and stakeholders, or you're a small business owner that just wants to be sure the controls are doing for you what was promised, Remote Site Manager offers all of the data and charts you need. Access and extract ten years' worth of to-the-second temperature tracking, runtimes, and energy spend.

"I've had Remote Site Manager for ten years, and I utilize the monitoring dashboard every single day. Because of the types of pharmaceutical compounds we store, we have redundant cooling systems in our coolers and freezers. So if we didn’t have RSM monitoring the equipment itself, we wouldn’t know if there’s an issue because the space temperatures requirements would still be satisfied. RSM allows me to catch mechanical issues early, before we have a $30 million mistake."

— Shawn Clarke, EH&S at Thermo Fisher Scientific

This is the percentage of commercial & industrial refrigerations currently operating with undetected mechanical faults*

* According to an analysis and report by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, which can be read here

Our customers can't live without it

For many of our customers, Remote Site Manager has become a sidekick that they rely on daily. Simply put, it's a dedicated set of eyes watching over your refrigeration that never gets tired, never gets sick, and never misses a day of work.

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