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Keeping product cold is your business, refrigeration efficiency is ours. National Resource Management helps our customers achieve significant energy savings and enhanced performance reliability through commercial refrigeration retrofit solutions.

[VIDEO] Case Study


A short video detailing how Baldor Boston was able to incorporate NRM's web-based control & monitoring platform into the daily management of their refrigeration system.

Case Study

University Dining

​​Harvard University dining services began using NRM's Remote Site Manager® as part of their Green Campus initiative. The system monitors and controls more than 35 walk-in coolers and freezers in the main kitchen and bakery, as well as five additional dining facilities.

[VIDEO] Case Study

Food Processing

A short video detailing how Peter Condakes Co. was able to incorporate NRM's web-based control & monitoring platform into the daily management of their refrigeration system.
RSM® alerts are like a tap on the shoulder. When we get an alarm, we look at the system to find the problem and we call our refrigeration guy to fix it. The system has paid for itself numerous times over by giving us the jumpstart we need to fix an issue before it’s too late and we lose perishables. We love RSM®, it’s reduced our electric bill by over 25%.

Steven Inserra, - Syracuse Banana

Featured Product

Remote Site Manager®

Monitor, control and manage every cooler, freezer, air conditioner and lighting system from your cell phone, email or computer. Worry less about equipment or performance failure, and detect energy waste.


Convenience Store

Refrigeration accounts for nearly 55% of the energy consumption in convenience stores. National Resource Management retrofit solutions optimize equipment for energy efficiency and savings.

Case Study

Liquor Store Cooler Control System

National Resource Management reduced the electrical consumption at Spirits Unlimited by 36%. 


Consumer Incentives

Incentive programs are available to companies that upgrade to energy efficient equipment. Lower the installation cost, achieve a quick ROI and turn savings into profit. Proper planning before beginning any upgrade is the key to achieving the highest savings. 

Reducing energy costs case study

Case Study—Reducing Energy Costs

RSM® reduced the electrical consumption of this facility by 33%, which is equal to $15,000 a year in energy costs for this New England convenience store owner. Read more to see how you can reduce your commercial utility bills with high efficiency refrigeration solutions.

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