Award-Winning Refrigeration Controls


Powerful, adaptive controls that optimize the performance of your refrigeration system for unrivaled gains in energy efficiency, diagnostics, temperature tracking, and equipment life.

A Commercial Solution

Whatever your needs, whatever your goals, NRM has the tools and measures that can help change the way your refrigeration system impacts your business' bottom line. From family-owned markets that have been in their single location for generations, to retail chains stretching across America, to fast-moving foodservice kitchens, our customers receive the same outcome regardless of size: better performance, reduced energy consumption, improved insight, and an ability to detect and remedy a mechanical or temperature-related issue before it jeopardizes your cold product. Gain unique benefits like a timed system shutdown ability that lets your employees safely turn off the refrigeration equipment for a preset amount of time during deliveries, taking inventory, stocking, and other in-cooler tasks.

An Industrial Solution

Research labs. Institutional foodservice kitchens. Microbreweries. Produce wholesalers. Long-term cold storage warehouses. Many of our customers have unique temperature requirements, and specific regulations to adhere to. Many, due to the sensitivity of their stored product, have built-in redundancies. Some have campuses of cold rooms, while some have a single, massive freezer. They all, however, have seen drastic improvements in the operation and management of their refrigeration equipment with NRM's controls. Features like automatic temperature tracking and logging provide the proof needed for M&V records. Remote management empowers facilities managers and owners/operators to have instant and constant access to temperature summaries, performance trends, and any notifications.

What's in the box?

So much more than a thermostat.

Custom Cooling Schedules

One of the surest ways to prevent equipment damage, and promote energy efficiency, is to have your system call for cooling only when the refrigerated space needs it. Evaporator fan runtimes can be reduced by up to 70% with CoolTrol.

Timed System Shutdown

Safely turn off the refrigeration system for a select amount of time during deliveries, stocking/inventory, and other in-cooler work. Manually shutting off evaporator fans can jeopardize the integrity of stored product, and safe system operation. Too often, employees overlook or forget to turn the equipment back on, and an entire cooler of product spoils, or the system fails.

Anti-Sweat Door Heater Controls

Much like evaporator fans, door heaters often run at full power all the time, regardless of if they're needed or not. Based on store temperature and interior humidity instead, CoolTrol can reduce door heater power and runtimes by up to 95% in coolers, and 50% in freezers.

Controls Bypass

When troubleshooting or maintenance is required for your refrigeration system, CoolTrol has a unique bypass feature that returns the equipment's operating conditions to what they were originally for ease of service. It's the most user and technician-friendly controls on the market today.

Defrost On-Demand

Iced-up coils can severely hinder performance, sapping energy and wasting money, and can pave the way for components to be damaged during operation. With CoolTrol, you can initiate a defrost whenever you need it with the push of a button.

Temperature & Equipment Alarms

A strobe light attached to the controller alerts workers on-site when an issue is detected; issues like high or low space temperatures or the compressor failing to respond are immediately brought to your attention (with NRM's Remote Site Manager, receive email or text notifications).

Automatic Temperature Tracking

To-the-second automatic temperature tracking and logging provides historical performance data when an issue crops up and operating conditions need to be compared. It also provides proof necessary for M&V measures. Operational data is stored locally for 10+ years, and can be downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis when needed.

EMS/BMS Integration

Not only are the controls scalable to accomodate your facility needs, they can be integrated into other building or energy management systems. CoolTrol is a perfect, provable addition to any energy efficiency project. Modbus TCP support means CoolTrol can mesh with just about any other management system.

Pair CoolTrol with NRM's Remote Site Manager platform to achieve the ultimate optimization of your refrigeration system. Remote Site Manager provides an online dashboard to manage all of your cold environments from a single hub, historical performance data in easy-to-understand charts, and mobile access to temperature settings and defrost.

"This was a win-win for us. We decreased our monthly utility costs, while simultaneously improving the shopping experience for our customers by having warmer aisles and more attractive product displays."

Case Study

See How One Independent Market Improved Nearly Every Aspect of Their Day-to-Day Operations With CoolTrol

Our Customers See An Average Reduction of 40% in their refrigeration's operating costs

Case Study

Harvard Dining Services Was Able to Save over $35K Annually, and Save Equipment, by Installing CoolTrol

"It is one of the best things I did to save money on this campus. In our Annenberg dining hall freezer, we nearly burnt the compressor out. Not only did NRM's solution save the compressor, which is a multi-thousand-dollar repair in itself, but potentially a freezer's worth of product that might have been lost otherwise."

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