Frequently Asked Questions


How can I change the CoolTrol® set points?

How do I set the time on CoolTrol®?

What if my CoolTrol® needs service?

Can my refrigeration technician still service my cooler?

What is the Run/Service Bypass Switch?

What is the difference between the Run/Service Bypass Settings?

I put CoolTrol® into Run and the fans and compressor shut off. Is this okay?

Are there any ramifications with putting CoolTrol® into Service Bypass?

How many sensors does CoolTrol® use?

Where are the CoolTrol® sensors located?

Do I have to maintain my CoolTrol® equipment?

Is it okay that my cooler/freezer seems to run all the time, but is maintaining temperature?

How does defrost work on CoolTrol®?

What does Compressor % mean?

What do I do if my cooler/freezer doors are sweating?

How do I change the Door Heater setting? 

What does the Shutdown button do?

What does Alarm Reset do?

What is my temperature differential on CoolTrol®?

How can I maximize the efficiency of my cooler/freezer?