Leveraging Energy Management System Data for the Greatest ROI

Across nearly every industry-type, regardless of their location, size, product offerings, or customer base, businesses are feeling the pressure to do more with less. In our world–companies with commercial or industrial refrigeration systems like walk-in coolers and freezers, and refrigerated warehouses–it’s a top-of-mind consideration. Whether it’s a kitchen in a chain of restaurants, or a […]

Inefficient Refrigeration Compressor? It Could be the Pressures

When refrigeration service technicians respond to one of their clients’ service calls, they tend to find the same issues over and over. The most common, and obvious, reason for a service call is a space temperature that is too warm. And, just as common, is suction pressure and/or head pressure being involved in the cause. […]

Annual Energy Efficiency Rankings by State – the ACEEE

Last month, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released their 2020 State Energy Efficiency scorecard. It’s the fourteenth year in a row they’ve made their research available and it’s always an interesting glimpse into how states attack their energy goals. Most states have more than one reason for wanting to tackle their energy […]

Is HVAC/Refrigeration Automation the Next Big Thing for IoT?

As we throttle toward the end of this decade and into the future, the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to become more and more ubiquitous in our daily lives. On smaller scales, we see it in our homes with products that now merge thermostats with home security, or allow us to order items from Amazon […]

Looking for Energy Savings? Look In to Retrofitting Your Refrigeration

Many refrigeration systems in the food retail environment (walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, and reach-in cooler cases) comprise older equipment, and many businesses are unable to absorb the cost of replacing the equipment with newer, more expensive components. But there are options out there to retrofit the systems with energy efficiency measures that will reduce their […]

Equipment Optimization: A Driving Force in High-Performance Buildings

The concept of energy efficiency at the commercial level is nearly a ubiquitous one in today’s landscape. Cutting costs is a high-priority goal for just about any entity, and we’ve finally reached a point where technology has made a building’s energy consumption a viable target to go after. There are also the goals set forth […]

Energy Efficiency Can Get Us Halfway to Our Energy Goals, says the ACEEE

While large, obviously impactful changes in energy consumption will determine whether the international community reaches its lofty climate change goals or not, it is a situation in which the classic saying “a little bit goes a long way” still applies. In this case, we’re talking about how energy efficiency can support the broader, harder-to-reach goals. […]

5 Signs Your Refrigeration Might Be Nearing An Expensive Problem

Whether it’s in a walk-in cooler storing cold beverages, a refrigerated storage room for fresh produce, or a biomedical freezer containing sensitive compounds, one fact remains the same: the refrigeration system is the single-most important piece of equipment to your product’s survival. It is a facet of business that is often placed in the “if […]

When is it Time to Consider a Refrigeration Monitoring and Control System?

As more and more companies incorporate aspects of IoT and smart technologies into their day-to-day operations—from adaptive air-conditioning controls to motion-activated office lights to inside air quality sensors—one area for substantial improvement continues to be overlooked: commercial and industrial refrigeration. Most people couldn’t live without their car dashboard warnings, their smart phones, or their cloud […]