With New Regulations on the Horizon, the Cold Storage Industry Will Need to Adapt

As the EPA and other regulatory bodies discuss hydrofluorocarbons and other refrigerants with “global warming potential,” it will be up to those in the cold storage industry to future-proof their operations and focus on data to maintain profitability. It is safe to say that the cold storage industry, and how their facilities operate, have reached a […]

Where’s the Most Expensive Ice in the World? On Your Evaporator Coils

We all know ice is great; it’s cheap, can be bought in bulk, and cools most things that we can think of that need to be cooled. But there are several kinds of undesirable ice that end up costing a lot for operating refrigeration equipment in commercial and industrial coolers and freezers. This type of ice is costly, […]

When Did They Stop Making Refrigeration Technicians? [OPINION]

In today’s labor market, one that seems to be shifting for a mainly-digital world, in which highly-specific skillsets and data drive the employment environment, it seems that everyone wants to follow one trajectory: go to college, get the degree, get the high-paying job. So many students start out with that idea (forgetting for a moment […]

Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Electric Defrost 101: Efficiency [Part 3]

Now that we know what electric defrost is, how it works and how much it costs—it’s time to talk about how to use it more efficiently by implementing several control strategies. Electric defrost is a necessity to keep commercial walk in freezers working properly, but it can also be an energy guzzler if over used. […]

Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Electric Defrost 101: Cost [Part 2]

Last week, we wrote about why you need electric defrost for your commercial freezer and how it works. Here’s a quick refresher. A defrost system is necessary in walk in freezers that maintain product temperature at or below freezing to prevent build-up of ice around the evaporator. This helps avoid equipment failure and maintain highest operating efficiency. At […]

Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Electric Defrost 101 [Part 1]

If you own a commercial walk-in freezer, but aren’t really sure how it works [other than keeping products frozen] you may not be aware of a hidden energy consuming monster called electric defrost, a common defrost method for commercial walk-in freezers. Here is a basic run down—there are defrost heater elements (similar to the elements […]

Understanding Your Commercial Electric Bill – The Energy Efficiency Charge

With each state, and with each utility company, the layout of your commercial energy bill is unique. They each have the same level of transparency, displaying your associated energy costs for both generation and delivery, but they may be presented*. Most people don’t have the time of day or desire to decipher what each cost […]

Restricted Refrigerant Flow? It Could be the Metering Device

One of the most common issues that a commercial or industrial refrigeration system contends with is restricted refrigerant flow. An issue with your metering device–the thermostatic expansion valve (TXV)–can cause serious headaches and potential damage. During your routine inspection of your commercial or industrial refrigeration system, checking for obstructions in air flow, evaporator fan operation, […]