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Whether you're in grocery sales, dining, or convenience, finding an edge to overcome thin margins and improve your bottom line could vault you over the competition. Recouping lost profits through energy saving optimizations might just be that edge, and NRM can help you acheive it.

We believe in creating partnerships, not transactions

From idea to install, you work directly with NRM specialists and licensed, in-house technicians. Beginning with a comprehensive facility audit, we provide built-in M+V, utility incentive calculation documentation (where applicable), and a single point of contact for end-to-end warranty and customer service. Following the installation, we'll train and support your employees of choice in how the controls add value to your daily operations. And if you have a question, our knowledgable experts are here to help, along with an online library of how-to videos.

Our controls exist to provide some financial relief against thin margins

We know how important it is to be cost-effective while driving profitability, especially in the arena of competitive retail. As you're likely aware from looking at your commercial electric bill, walk-in coolers and freezers tend to be significant energy hogs. Not only can our controls likely put the wasted money of that unnecessary energy consumption back in your register, they'll help you stay ahead of operational problems, avoiding costly emergency maintenance calls. It's pretty simple: the older your system, the higher the odds it could benefit from optimization.

We know you pride yourself on being a Jack-of-all-trades

We also know that trying to be an expert at everything can be overwhelming. Complex and demanding systems such as walk-in coolers and freezers end up in the “as long as it’s running, it’s fine” category. But sub-optimal operation not only affects product quality and safety, it also robs you of profits by requiring more energy to run than it should. Our optimizations can identify and correct most inefficiencies in your system's performance, which means you'll immediately see a noticeable difference. When perishables are at risk and the systems fail, that's a problem that "can't wait until Monday."


Radically change how your refrigeration system impacts your business

Scalable & BMS/EMS-Compatible

Easily incorporate NRM's hardware into any existing energy or building-management systems through Modbus TCP support.

Long-Term Energy Savings

Recoup 30-50% of your refrigeration-specific energy costs year after year without sacrificing temperature integrity.

Push-Button Timed System Shutdown

Safely turn off the refrigeration system for in-cooler tasks such as unloading deliveries or taking inventory.

50-80% Runtimes Reductions

Smart controls adapt your evaporator fansets, anti-sweat door heaters, and cooling schedules to your exact needs.

Utility Incentives & Financing

In many states, our solutions qualify for generous utility-sponsored EE incentives, which NRM applies for on your behalf.

Safe System Bypass

Safely return your refrigeration back to mechanical control for easy diagnosing and troubleshooting.

Free On-Site Energy Assessment

Our Energy Advisor tours your storefront or facility with you, identifying areas that could benefit from optimization.

Automated Temp. Tracking/Logging

Remove the human element of temperature tracking and improve both food safety and M+V data recording.

I have been relying on NRM’s optimization tools and measures for more than a decade and am very pleased with the results. By integrating their control and monitoring solutions, our electric costs have been reduced annually by an average of $3,100 per store. That’s nearly $200,000 for all of my restaurants. NRM performed the installation without needing me to close my restaurant, and provided an equipment alarm system. It’s been a tremendous help to my business."

— Director of Facilities, Pepper Dining

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NRM's optimizations are custom tailored to your business' specific cooling requirements. CoolTrol, our award-winning smart controller, is the backbone of every solution, providing year-over-year benefit. But our solution is comprehensive: inefficient hardware components, refrigerated-space lighting, and door heaters offer great opportunities for savings, as well.

NRM's award-winning smart controls, CoolTrol

We’ve been able to address issues better and faster since implementing Remote Site Manager. It’s great to be able to deduce the actual source of a performance issue instead of relying on the shotgun approach. Not to mention, I’m made aware of any potential problems immediately—regardless of where I am or what time of day it is—because I can log onto the platform from my smartphone."

— Victor, Facilities Manager, National Beer Distributor

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