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CoolTrol is the most effective (and most trusted) refrigeration controls available today. Already integrated in over 50K refrigerated spaces, our customers love its usability, proven energy savings, and obvious operational improvements.

User-friendliness is the driving force behind everything we do

Controlling and monitoring temperatures of walk-in or reach-in coolers and freezers should be as convenient for you as your services are for your customers. It's been our goal since day one to provide a solution that was simple to use, clear in the information it provides, and accessible to everyone from hourly worker to your lifelong refrigeration tech. If a temperature falls out of range, for example, it'll be impossible to miss it with CoolTrol, empowering employees to address the issue in a timely manner. We created a solution that acts as an extra set of eyes and hands on your refrigeration system.

Integrating CoolTrol creates a partnership instead of a transaction

From idea to install, you work directly with NRM specialists and licensed, in-house technicians. Beginning with a comprehensive facility audit, we provide built-in M+V, utility incentive calculation documentation (where applicable), and a single point of contact for end-to-end warranty and customer service. Following the installation, we'll train and support your employees of choice in how the controls add value to your daily operations. And if you have a question, our knowledgable experts are here to help, along with an online library of how-to videos.

Our controls exist to provide some financial relief against thin margins

We know how important it is to be cost-effective while driving profitability, and we've strived to improve that balancing act. As you're likely aware from looking at your commercial electric bill, walk-in coolers and freezers tend to be significant energy hogs. Not only can our controls likely put the wasted money of that unnecessary energy consumption back in your register, they'll help you stay ahead of operational problems, avoiding costly emergency maintenance calls. It's pretty simple: the older your system, the higher the odds it could benefit from optimization.

What could slashing 40% of your refrigeration system's electric costs do for you and your business?

NRM's optimizations provide long-term and proven energy savings that put money back in your pocket.




NRM's optimizations are tailored to your business' specific cooling requirements and therefore offers unmatched results. A produce distributor has different needs than a convenience store or a foodservices kitchen. CoolTrol, our award-winning smart controller, is the backbone of every project, but our solution is comprehensive: inefficient hardware components, refrigerated-space lighting, and door heaters offer great opportunities for savings, as well.

What's in the box? So much more than a thermostat control

To-the-second automatic temperature tracking and logging provides historical performance data when an issue crops up and operating conditions need to be compared. It also provides proof necessary for M&V measures. Operational data is stored locally for 10+ years, and can be downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis when needed.
Safely turn off the refrigeration system for a select amount of time during deliveries, stocking/inventory, and other in-cooler work. Manually shutting off evaporator fans can jeopardize the integrity of stored product, and safe system operation. Too often, employees overlook or forget to turn the equipment back on, and an entire cooler of product spoils, or the system fails.
When troubleshooting or maintenance is required for your refrigeration system, CoolTrol has a unique bypass feature that returns the equipment's operating conditions to what they were originally for ease of service. It's the most user and technician-friendly controls on the market today.
Much like evaporator fans, door heaters often run at full power all the time, regardless of if they're needed or not. Based on store temperature and interior humidity instead, CoolTrol can reduce door heater power and runtimes by up to 95% in coolers, and 50% in freezers.
A strobe light attached to the controller alerts workers on-site when an issue is detected; issues like high or low space temperatures or the compressor failing to respond are immediately brought to your attention (with NRM's Remote Site Manager, receive email or text notifications).
Iced-up coils can severely hinder performance, sapping energy and wasting money, and can pave the way for components to be damaged during operation. With CoolTrol, you can initiate a defrost whenever you need it with the push of a button.
One of the surest ways to prevent equipment damage, and promote energy efficiency, is to have your system call for cooling only when the refrigerated space needs it. Evaporator fan runtimes can be reduced by up to 70% with CoolTrol.
Not only are the controls scalable to accomodate your facility needs, they can be integrated into other building or energy management systems. CoolTrol is a perfect, provable addition to any energy efficiency project. Modbus TCP support means CoolTrol can mesh with just about any other management system.

I am very happy with both the product and the achieved energy savings. NRM’s solution was appealing to me because of the potential long-term benefit — after five years, I’ll have retained almost $20,000 in wasted utility costs. Through my utility’s small business program, NRM was able to get me a $6,000 incentive, which was more than half of the project’s cost. This really helped make the decision easy!"

— Happy Singh, Owner, Racers Food Store

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NRM's award-winning smart controls, CoolTrol

Discover what real peace of mind feels like with Remote Site Manager

Ensure there are no underlying, undetected mechancial faults that would prevent our controls solution from fully delivering on its promise. Remote Site Manager monitors the most critical points of operation, bar none. Including, but not limited to, temperature settings, equipment runtimes, electric defrost, compressor START/STOPS, and cooler/freezer door statuses. And if any kind of anamoly is detected, you'll receive timely, contextual alerts before the issue evolves into a catastrophic problem.

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I was very skeptical at first because a lot of companies offer to save you money but don’t. With NRM, however, I noticed savings from day one. This is especially true in the winter, when I can bring the cold air from outside into my cooler. My compressor remains off, and my evaporator fans run less, so I’m saving money every single day. And I haven’t had one issue with the controls in the 13 years I’ve had them. If you see NRM, go for it. It’s not bogus."

— Sam Safa, Owner, Reeds Ferry Market

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