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General Information

NRM has a full staff of licensed electricians employed that install and commission all projects. NRM is a “totally turnkey” solution to your energy efficiency needs. From time to time and on large projects, customers may request that their existing contractor be involved to do some of the work.
No interruption to business. Our technicians do not get in the way of your customers and contents are kept cold. Depending on the equipment being installed, like new fan motors, the refrigeration must be off while replacing motors or making connections to power circuits. Systems are off temporarily (usually 30~ minutes) but will not impact the temperature of the cooler/freezer contents.
The NRM controls will not void warranty as we are merely replacing your existing thermostat with one that is more intelligent and can optimize operation while maintaining temperatures. The typical result is 30-40% energy savings and safer equipment operation.
No. The new controls keep fans running when refrigeration is ON and only cycles them OFF when refrigeration is OFF. Every fan motor generates heat and the new system keeps them off when air movement is not necessary. Why keep the heaters running once temperature set point is reached?
Not at all. NRM is not a mechanical contracting company and do not intend to replace them. The primary value of NRM controls is to save energy and the controls and other hardware we install ensures your system uses the minimum amount of energy to maintain required temperatures while also protecting your equipment when it is running.
The #1 reason is when we find equipment that is very old, not maintained, or already has trouble maintaining temperature. Other reasons could be; your system is already operating efficiently and adding NRM’s would not add enough value to justify investment, but many install NRM system for alarms and the many other features.
A site visit where an energy consultant gathers equipment information needed to perform an energy analysis to determine potential savings. This would include size of cooler/freezer, number of refrigeration systems, evaporator name plate info, location of thermostats, anti-sweat heater amps on cooler doors, existing lighting and if present, non-perishable novelty coolers (Coke & Pepsi).
1) Having a clear understanding of what NRM controls can do for energy reduction and operational improvement 2) What changes will be noted after the installation 3) Who will be responsible for knowing how to use the controls for setting temperatures, starting a defrost, etc. 4) How to engage current service contractor to explain the system and how it will help them to better serve you 5) What to do with the additional profit you earn each month
With the attractive utility incentives, many customers take advantage of the program, but we sometimes find that customers really don’t understand what they are getting. Please spend time with the energy consultant to get a full explanation of what products will be installed and how they help you improve your bottom line.
NRM monitors a number of sites for customers who have limited refrigeration knowledge or the time to fully understand how their systems are performing. Since they get temperature alarms and react to them, we primarily look at how the equipment is performing and when faults occur, we diagnose causes and contact them with suggested actions to take. After viewing many thousands of systems, it has become apparent to our experts that few end users have ability to properly diagnose issues and they allow systems to operate with faults for long periods. It is similar to the “check engine” light coming on but not knowing what is wrong.
Depending on the utility or state programs, every project we do usually qualifies for some incentive. It can vary from 15% to 80% of the installed cost. We do the research and take care of that so you don't have to.
It depends on the program but in most cases, customers assign the incentive to NRM but some utilities have it go directly to their customer.

Energy Savings/Efficiency

Refrigeration and HVAC equipment are sized for HOTTEST DAYS of the year, and they always add a safety factor in case more is needed. But the "hottest days" only happen 20-30 times per year, which means all systems are oversized for the other 330~ days. The CoolTrol system manages all the loads to take advantage of the oversizing, and turns off loads that don’t need to be on all the time. It also manages defrost more closely to what is needed. Some facilities have very big cold rooms so they add redundant systems meaning that capacity can sometimes be 2-4x of what is needed on average days.
Typically the electric bill includes delivery charges and supply charges. We take the total of supply and delivery charges and divide by kWh used which gives us the amount you pay per kWh. Unless done that way, the rate you pay can be misleading! Let’s face the fact that the electric supply industry has changed considerable since it was deregulated and 3rd party companies can now supply electricity while the main company you deal with owns all the wires that are used to deliver the electricity.
The utility's trust and confidence in us is the greatest guarantee we can offer. In some programs, NRM has been providing solutions for over 10 years with the utility company backing it with their incentives programs.We would not continue to win these contracts year over year if we didn’t produce the savings we propose.
Most states have adopted laws to get citizens and companies to use less energy as it is cheaper to get consumers to use less energy than to build a new power plant which no one wants near them. Utilities are tasked with collecting this on every utility bill based on usage. It may be a line item shown as “public benefit charge” or “energy conservation charge”. This money accumulates and is used to fund the conservation programs as incentives to pay for energy efficient lights or other equipment. Since it is available for all ratepayers, it is a great way to fund energy efficiency upgrades that reduce the utility bill, so take advantage of this to get some of your money back. The money isn’t free, but it will contribute toward qualified energy efficiency projects. It’s a great way to make a difference to your bottom line.
It really depends on how much energy a project can save… just think of it as the utility buying capacity from you to prevent overtaxing the energy grid. The power you save now becomes available to new customers. To find out what you can get, we recommend a no cost assessment of your current system that will enable us to calculate savings which is presented to the utility company who assigns the amount they will pay for your capacity. If your systems already are considered partially or totally energy efficient, there is little or no opportunity for reducing energy or qualifying for an incentive.
Yes. At the time of our walkthrough we can discuss lighting, HVAC, and many other offerings that NRM or another certified utility contractor can offer. Often times, making a project more comprehensive can qualify for increased incentive levels.


CoolTrol® is just a very intelligent refrigeration thermostat that takes advantage of every opportunity for saving energy. It has many user-friendly features and a superior user interface compared to traditional refrigeration thermostats.
CoolTrol® was designed to provide many convenience and food safety features that have become a standard with over 40,000 installations. The cooler shutdown button adds a great deal of value by allowing users to momentarily shutdown the refrigeration during inventory, loading or stocking… cooing automatically comes back on after preset interval.
We have a series of how-to videos for the basic functions of CoolTrool®, which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnB-V_anR1KaQ_FcJ7-BQPR1Tov3NlOUU
Each controller can control one refrigeration system or temperature zone.
Each walk-in would have a controller dedicated for the refrigeration system and can operate independently. If online access is required, each controller connects to the RSM online platform to send it’s data.
Each controller can operate as a stand-alone device and software updates are not necessary. There are many thousands in use today. Our engineering team continues to work on new features for specific applications that primarily deals with operating in unique networking environments.
It can be if the existing system has Modbus TCP/IP protocol capability.
The controller has an internal clock and all settings are retained in memory.
From the keypad, users can get average temps along with runtimes of the refrigeration and the fans for 1 day, 1 week or 1 months. The controller also has an 8 Gig SD card that stores all operational history, the information of which can be downloaded in multiple file types.
Local alarms are high/low temperature, sensor failure, iced-up coil, and bypass. If connected to RSM, additional alarms may include: Compressor failed to respond to call for cooling, compressor safety due to coil icing, excessive compressor starts (short cycling), electric defrost failure, set point changed, and multiple temperature alarm configurations.
Two (2) years - parts and labor

Remote Site Manager

Remote Site Manager (RSM) is a cloud platform that connects sites that use NRM controls and enables users to view operation, historical data and trends that are used to diagnose performance issues, equipment faults, respond to alerts/alarms, change set points, start defrosts and many other functions that make the operators life easy. It provides that peace of mind that something is watching over the valuable product stored at critical temperatures. RSM was developed to help users by experiencing DEPENDABILITY, RELIABILITY, FOOD SAFETY and VERIFIED SAVINGS.
No, RSM is accessed via most any browser but when you log into RSM from a mobile device it will adjust the view for easy viewing on a phone.
https://remotesitemanager.com/phpgdv2/guard_edit_user.php -- click on add new user, fill out the form, let us know what level of access and control you need, and then we will activate your account.
You can find an instructional document here: Step-by-step temperature download
No, we use thermistor sensors that are validated when manufactured. Our high quality sensors are designed to fail at end of life and not drift.


Yes, our factory-trained licensed electricians will evaluate the site at start of installation and determine if it is safe to work around/on the cold room structure and let owner know if there are potential safety issues.
It varies based on size and what is being installed, the switchover of controls can be up to 30 minutes. If we are also replacing evaporator fan motors, the cooling is shut down for reasonable periods that will not impact safety of perishable products.
No, we take great care in observing operation and temperatures during installation. Temperatures will not change any more than when you are receiving a shipment, stocking or taking inventory.
Much like evaporator fans, door heaters often run at full power all the time, regardless of if they're needed or not. Based on store temperature and interior humidity instead, CoolTrol can reduce door heater power and runtimes by up to 95% in coolers, and 50% in freezers.
If our electricians touch a circuit, they have to bring it up to code for inspection. If found, nstallers will point out code violations during installation and depending on severity of violation, there may be extra cost to bring up to code.
Technicians will go over what we installed, where we installed it, and what it will do. They'll explain controller interface, warranty, how the system will operate differently (fans on and off). And they will train your employee or technician of choice!
Five (5) years by manufacturer of LED and one (1) year labor, Two (2) years parts and labor on CoolTrol, one (1) year evaporator motors parts and labor.


Yes, the more intelligent CoolTrol controller is the new thermostat that has many features that the existing thermostat is not capable of doing. If the refrigeration technician is uncertain, he can put the system into Bypass mode while he is servicing the refrigeration system.
It means the controls are working. Each fan motor is a heater and once the room reaches temperature the controller starts cycling fans off for say 7 minutes and on for 1 minute to balance air temperature throughout. Energy is saved by fans being off, and the eliminatation the heat that would be generated when running.
The controller will show real-time temp. The system likely just came out of defrost, the info button might be beneficial too as it shows coil and space temperature. Real-time temperature, if compressor and evap are on, coil and space temps.
Call us first. Make sure all your switches are on, your circuits. Have you had a recent delivery? If not a quick resolution, put system in bypass and call your refrigeration tech.

ESCOs and Performance Contracting

Since ESCOs develop performance-based projects, the % ROI or payback period is the determining factor.
Refrigeration projects can vary significantly by size of the cold rooms... bigger rooms have better ROI than small ones and payback periods can range from 1.5 – 12 years which also depends on energy rates.
If the energy management system is controlling the refrigeration with the same optimization strategy as NRM’s, it likely will not be a good fit. But if the energy management system does not control the HVACR, NRM’s controls can be easily integrated to the existing energy management systems via Modbus TCP/IP protocol.
NRM’s role after installation is to train the local personnel who work in the cold rooms and depend on it and provide telephone support as needed. NRM also provides guide for accessing controller’s history for M&V.

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