On #EEDay2019, Polls Show Mixed Reactions to Energy-Saving Habits

So, as it turns out, there may actually be three guarantees in this word: death, taxes, and people going as far to cut their carbon footprint as convenience let them. According to a poll conducted by the AP-NORC, people are very much influenced by whether an energy-saving habit can conceivably fit into their lifestyle and […]

Oil-Filled Temperature Sensors for HVACR 101

Oil-filled temperature sensors are one of three, general sensor options along with electronic or gas-filled. Oil-filled may be worth considering if, for example, you wanted to track something like the internal temperature of stored product. This blog post introduces oil-filled temperature sensors. In refrigeration applications, most temperature sensors, of any design type, electronic or gas-filled, are […]

NRM is Proud to Play a Role in the Dunkin’ Brands, National Grid, and Eversource Energy Management Program

The energy management program, available to Dunkin’ Brands franchise owners, seeks to identify opportunities to improve the energy management capabilities of DD locations. It addresses whole building energy savings, while providing insight into building operations and system controls, with the goal of reducing overall operating costs and encouraging investments to pursue energy efficiency.  Based upon a […]

Massachusetts Wants 80% Clean Energy by 2050, and New Regulations are Coming in 2018

In response to a stunning 2016 ruling by the state’s Supreme Judicial Court, in which the court sided with an environmental group claiming Massachusetts didn’t do enough to strive for its 2008 energy goals, the state set forth new regulations last month. Although it took a proverbial fire lit under its tail, Massachusetts ramped up […]

Liquid Subcooling: What it is and When to Apply it

Subcooling is often a lightly understood practice for new HVACR technicians entering the field. This blog post seeks to outline what it is, why it’s useful, and some of its best practices. In most cases, a new-to-the-field HVACR technician can tell you, in general terms, what liquid subcooling is. Perhaps even what it does, or […]

Lights Out for Expanded Lighting Energy Efficiency?

If you’ll excuse the pun, a threat does indeed exist against the legal requirement for larger swathes of lightbulbs to be energy efficient, and it’s no laughing matter. The Trump administration is seeking to undo an Obama-era regulation that applies to specialty lightbulbs, leaving it out of the upcoming 2020 federal efficiency standards. These types […]

In Connected, Smart Technologies, the HVACR Industry Sees a Real Game-Changer

Some of the best places to gain insight on the future outlook of specific technologies or industries are trade shows, conferences, and educational sessions hosted by industry leaders. Often, a new technology or product will ignite a flurry of buzz and anticipation, but without a full understanding of its impact or integration into its particular […]

In the Grocery Game, Refrigeration and HVACR Must Keep Evolving

As corporate goals in the grocery industries continue to evolve—with energy efficiency, sustainability, and wanting systems that provide more “bang for your buck” leading purchasing decisions—so too are the refrigeration systems being developed these days. Don Newlon, Vice President and General Manager of Emerson’s Commercial and Residential Solutions division, advises manufacturers to keep customer’s wants […]

HVACR Contractors: the Key to a Healthy Relationship with Your Customers? Communication

In the relationship between HVACR contractors and their customers who rely on the complex, expensive refrigeration equipment to keep their business alive, neither partner has it easier than the other. Especially when that relationship exists in the restaurant and service industry. Both restaurateurs and contractors work long, hard hours, maintain operation no matter the weather, […]